Lana Zellner

For all questions other than tattoo inquiries, please email me:

Tattoo Inquiries

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in setting up an appointment with me, or in being added to my call list for a specific city. 
I will require a brief consultation (email, phone, or face-to-face) about your ideas, as well as a non-refundable deposit before booking your appointment. 
I try to respond to all emails within two weeks. Please feel free to follow up with me if you haven’t heard back within a couple week. Thanks for your patience! 

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A good number to reach you at for consultations
Where on your body are you wanting your new tattoo? (please include left of right side)
Please let me know how big of a tattoo you are looking for and how you might want it to sit on your body. Example: "I want the tattoo to fill up the outside of my bicep" or "as small as it can be, on the back of my arm, maybe a couple inches tall"
If you are looking to keep the tattoo under a certain price please let me know what it is. (I'll let you know if this is realistic when we talk)
Are you willing to travel to me for your tattoo? Or, are you only able to be tattooed when I am in your town?
If there are better times of day for me to call, please include that as well.