Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Best Way To Schedule With You?

The best way to schedule is to fill out the form on the CONTACT page of this website. Be as accurate as possible with your descriptions and don't forget to include which city you live in so I know what trip you're interested in scheduling for. After you email (usually, within a few days, but sometimes up to a week), I will contact you back about your design -- I may ask to schedule a phone consultation, or if everything seems very straight forward, I may just request that you put down a deposit to book the appointment. If i am booked for that trip I will ask if you're interested in being added to the wait list for that city. 

What is your deposit policy

A DEPOSIT is a Down Payment for a Tattoo. The deposit locks in a date/time on my calendar for you to receive your Tattoo. Your deposit shows your commitment to honor your appointment day/time. Also, to complete your tattoo in a timely manner.

  •  Deposits are required for all appointments. (except Walk-Ins)
  •  Deposits range from $100-200 depending on the size and complexity of the design. 
  • This deposit comes off the price of your last Tattoo session.
  • Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Deposits are not to purchase the artwork itself. Deposit does not give you the permission to use my artwork for logos, shirt designs or any commercial use, for profit or hobby.

You will FORFEIT your Deposit

  •  If I have drawn your design and you just decide not to get tattooed.
  •  You change the design/subject matter.
  • If you are a NO CALL, NO SHOW or CANCEL without 48 hours notice, you will need to put down another deposit to reschedule, you will lose your deposit
  • If you show up more than 15 Minutes Late, without a phone call.
  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, your deposit will continue to be applied to your final tattoo session provided that you give 48 hours advanced notice.
  • If 1 year goes by without a scheduled appointment, you forfeit your deposit.
  • If you reschedule more than two times.

How Much Do You Charge?

My rate is usually around $150-$200/hour (depending on the city/shop that I am working in). I charge a minimum of 1 hour for all tattoos. The total cost of the tattoo is dependent on how long it takes to complete (which depends on the size, design, and detail level of the piece). The best way to get an accurate estimate of tattoo cost is to talk to me directly about your ideas.

Where Are You Located?

My home base is in Missoula Montana. I regularly work at Blaque Owl Tattoo in Missoula Montana, and Northwest Tattoo in Eugene Oregon. I frequently visit: Austin, Portland, Denver, LA, NYC, and Philadelphia. I am open to visiting anywhere in the world -- Please reach out if you'd like me to come to your area and I'll see if I can make it work!

How Far Do You Book Out?

I typically plan my trips out 2-6 months in advance. Once the travel dates are posted on my website/instagram, I am open for booking the trip.