'Flash Fortunes' 2nd Edition

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'Flash Fortunes' 2nd Edition


Flash Fortunes is my second deck of fortune telling cards. More lighthearted and fun than my Tattoo Tarot, Flash Fortunes includes images and symbolism often seen in American Traditional tattoos. 

Flash Fortunes 2nd Edition includes: 

  • Hand Wrapped & Wax Sealed - postecard sized cards printed on heavy card stock with a smooth matte finish. Each card includes artwork and divination meaning on the front, and teal geometric patterning on the back. Each deck is a full color 20 Card Oracle Deck 
    • The Skull
    • The Rat
    • The Bouquet
    • The Skeleton's Hand
    • The Hourglass
    • The Horseshoe
    • The Hand of Glory
    • The Heart
    • The Bird
    • The Wishing Girl
    • The Crying Girl
    • The Third Eye
    • The Stairway
    • The Spider
    • The Moth
    • The Letter
    • The Dagger
    • The Snake Head
    • The Chicken Foot
    • The Rose 


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