About The Artist

Lana Zellner, (aka Eight Coins) is a tattoo artist, painter, and designer based in the mountains of Missoula, Montana. Lana spends most of her time working at Blaque Owl Tattoo in Missoula - but travels to many different places for work. Pulling from her previous professional experience as an architect, Lana’s art and tattoo work is heavily focused on line-work, bold design elements, and detailed ornamentation. 

All of the work featured on Eight Coins was designed and produced by Lana Zellner .

For tattoo inquiries please email art@eightco.in. 


Eight of Pentacles

Showing Diligence
working hard
applying yourself totally
being absorbed in a project
dedicating yourself to a task
producing steady results

Increasing Knowledge
learning a new craft or skill
receiving training
pursuing greater understanding
increasing expertise

Paying Attention to Detail
being painstaking
being extra careful
approaching a task methodically
getting down to the nitty-gritty
checking and rechecking
noticing the fine points